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Digital card app – the entire wallet in the smartphone

This week, the Italian fintech Satispay is launching a new “Cards” service: thanks to the new expansion, users can now also store their bonus and membership cards in the app. With this, Satispay takes the next step towards becoming an all-rounder for everyday life and defies the functions of a pure finance app. Furniture stores, […]


The online finance industry is growing rapidly – these are the profiteers

The financial industry is digitizing and is causing some changes in the industry. That means a lot of winners as well as a few losers. In addition to customers, the beneficiaries of the development are mainly three types of companies: the increasingly frequent online banks, brokers on the Internet who sell inexpensive financial products and […]


Cryptocurrencies: the digital alternative to gold?

For Mayor Scott Conger of the city of Jackson, Tennessee, there is only one solution to the inflation problem in his country. He recently announced on Twitter: “Why do we accept inflation? Why don’t we ask more of our federal government? 6.3% in 2 years. 172.8% in my lifetime. Every year our dollar is worth […]