August 7, 2015

Test Cases

The INSPEC2T solution will be trialed and validated in 5 European cities.

Test cases will take place in Spain, Cyprus, the UK and the Netherlands. A selection of local communities, municipality authorities and relevant police departments in the test case sites will test the project’s technological tools, in order to evaluate their functionality and assess their effectiveness on community policing and community safety perception. Test cases will include community involvement activities, training and monitoring of the implementation process.

The information sheet and consent form for participation in the INSPEC2T test cases is available here.

INSPEC2T Test Cases to Launch in April 2017

Next month sees the launch of the first INSPEC2T test case in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Belfast test case is one of five test cases that are being held across Europe in five countries (Belfast in Northern Ireland, Valencia in Spain, Engomi in Cyprus, Preston in the United Kingdom, and Groningen in the Netherlands) in 2017 to demonstrate and validate the features and functions of the INSPEC2T solution. The test cases will provide the ideal opportunity for the INSPEC2T consortium to engage with end-users and gain their feedback on the INSPEC2T solution. The INSPEC2T solution is designed to build trustworthy relationships between police departments and a motivated and skilled community through the delivery of a more personalised service, allowing citizens to collaborate in setting the police agenda. The different functionalities of the INSPEC2T solution will be tested during the five test cases, including (but not limited to); the mobile app, the creation of participant profiles and communities, the creation and intake of incident reports, the creation of critical awareness through crime factsheets and broadcast alerts, social engagement and social media monitoring, and data processing.

The test cases will take place in two phases, the first phase, in the cities of Belfast, Valencia, and Engomi, will allow an initial examination and evaluation of the solution by end users. Their feedback will then be incorporated through modifications in the architecture (where applicable). Thus, any issues identified during the Phase 1 testing will be addressed before the launch of Phase 2, meaning that an updated version of the INSPEC2T solution will be tested during the Phase 2 test cases in Preston and Groningen. Information on each test case is provided below.

Belfast: The first INSPEC2T test case will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland week commencing 24th April 2017 and is scheduled to last five days. The test case, led by Ulster University, will focus on the Holylands district of south Belfast. The Holylands area has the largest volume of student population in Belfast. The student population reside alongside permanent residents and this has the propensity to generate friction within the area – particularly at ‘pinch-points’ in the academic year namely, Fresher’s week, Halloween and most synonymously St. Patrick’s day (17th March) celebrations. The INSPEC2T solution will provide a tool to improve the communication flows between the police and the community, where mistrust can result in under-reported crime rates. Testing of the INSPEC2T system within Belfast and Northern Ireland will comprise a ‘closed’ test environment as well as a ‘live’ test within the Holylands district. More than 100 stakeholders comprising police officers, city council officials, political representatives, resident associations and students will participate in the test case.


Valencia: The Valencia test case, led by Valencia Local Police, will take place from 8th to 12th May 2017 in the Abastos District. The crimes reported in this area predominantly include street deficiencies, burglaries, neighborhood disputes, gender violence and traffic incidents. The Valencia Local Police will work in a controlled environment during the test case which will involve around 60 participants from different segments of the Valencian civil society, with whom the Community Policing (CP) police officers maintain a daily contact: the neighborhood and merchant associations and schools. In total, approximately 10 scenarios (including gender violence, bullying at school, robberies) will be used during the Valencia test case in order to demonstrate and test all of the different features of the INSPEC2T system. The implementation of the INSPEC2T solution is envisaged to strengthen the relationship between the local police and the citizens, particularly young residents in the city, who may be more active and used to new technologies but at the same time more reluctant to collaborate with police.


Engomi: The test case in Engomi, led by ADITESS, will take place predominantly in May 2017. Engomi is a municipality of the City of Nicosia in Cyprus. Cyprus is generally a safe country, however, crimes of opportunity and crime-related incidents do occur including pickpocketing, purse snatchings, and other petty crimes. The goal of the Cyprus test case is to raise awareness and demonstrate the benefits in terms of security and safety, that innovations in the field of CP may offer. Planned activities include participation in Cyprus Police crime prevention lectures where the INSPEC2T solution will be demoed, municipality events which will involve a demonstration of the INSPEC2T solution, and police training to familiarize Cyprus Police with the INSPEC2T training module and secure portal. The test case will include a number of diverse scenarios with participation from a wide range of CP stakeholders including Community Police, students, Municipality officers and neighbourhood volunteers.


Preston:The second UK test case, being held in phase 2 of the test case execution, will take place in November 2017 in the city of Preston, Lancashire. The city is home to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) with over 33,000 students, 30,000 of whom live and socialise in the city. The target group of the Preston test case will be young people who attend the university and frequent the city’s bars, cafes and restaurants. The test case will focus on issues such as personal safety, particularly safety in licenced premises and crime prevention. The aim of the test case is to improve engagement between the police, agencies and students, including international students. INSPEC2T will be tested both in a closed and in an open (live) environment at Lancashire Police Headquarters and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) using scenarios based around Preston City Centre. Approximately 50 students who are studying for a degree in policing, as well Masters students and Forensic Science and Policing Degree students will be involved in the testing. The scenarios tested will include burglary, drug abuse, bike theft and violent crime.


Groningen:The Dutch test case, will take place in the city of Groningen, which is a typical student city with over 50,000 students in a total population of about 200,000 residents. In Groningen, the INSPEC2T solution will be piloted during a period of nine weeks, from October to November 2017. The pilot in Groningen will focus on two topics; noise pollution and burglary within the downtown area and in and around student homes across the city districts of Groningen. For the Municipality and Police of Groningen, the goals of the test case are to experience new ways of working with communities using new technologies, involve citizens in local security through engagement, and increase awareness amongst communities and organize better collaboration between students and the Police. In the pilot, students and citizens of Groningen will be able to interact freely with the system by interacting with other users in communities, organize events and communicate with the Police. Users will also be able report incidents with INSPEC2T and monitor the follow-up. Equally, the system provides functions for the Police in the handling of incident reports and creating awareness about public safety. Approximately 60 students, 10 police officers and five municipality officials will participate in the pilot.

To ensure the impact of INSPEC2T, an evaluation of each pilot will be performed by the consortium. Each evaluation will involve primary research with end-users to understand the value that INSPEC2T provides when compared to existing CP practices.

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